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      The 1st International Week of Labor Accident Prevention (SIPAT), which took place from 19 to 22 October 2015, was held on the premises of Silpar carrier, which is part of Avanex group, and was attended by employees team (Avanex and Silpar), CIPA management also invited all third to attend the event, and released to the community through groups and banners. Even with the 1st SIPAT there was an excellent acceptance of employees, having a large number of participants, leaving the delighted organizers. 

      The SIPAT is a yearly event organized by CIPA, in order to educate employees about the health, safety and accident prevention. "It is a week dedicated to the welfare, encouragement and awareness of employees, because they are well, they will have a much better income, which will make both parties be satisfied. The ultimate goal is to have the employee return home, next to his family in good health and without accidents. "Josiane - Member of the Organizing Committee of the SIPAT.

      We know that CIPA is of paramount importance within the organization, and the SIPAT is a way to educate employees about the accidents that can occur internally if the safety equipment provided by the company are not used. The Quality manager and president of CIPA Rosan de Oliveira stresses on the importance of health and safety within the organization, "The idea is to draw attention to the commitment and responsibility that we have with others in the workplace, preserving the health and safety of all. "

      The schedule and activities were diversified, covering topics present in the daily lives of employees. CIPA organized a competition to choose the best phrase to the subject of SIPAT, and win a surprise prize was announced in the same banners and also the shirts provided to employees. There was delivery of gifts, lectures on accident prevention, environmental preservation, STDs, alcohol and smoking, all with qualified professionals to address these issues. On the last day there was a theater on quality of life x stress and closing of the 1st week SIPAT.

"In life we are moved by choices, make your safety!" Author: Franciele Martins


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