Quality Control

Produce may seem easy, however, guarantee the quality is not a job for everyone.

In this globalized and competitive world, the differences of each supplier need to be polished daily, and an essential tool for this cut is to have full traceability of its supply chain. Track and ensure standards from raw materials certified by the marketed end product.

In this way, you can work at continuous improvement. And in pursuit of this continuous improvement, we need to have employees trained, empowered and involved in this context.

This is the constant challenge of Avanex: Train, train and engage to create good competitive advantages.

The Avanex's principle is based on the delivery of high quality products, so it has a full center of Quality Control, responsible for ensuring the product 100% according to specification. The Quality Control Center works integrated with the production and the Department of Research and Development, monitoring and following the entire flow of production.

We are implementing the Total Quality Program, with a commitment to comply strictly with the rules ISO 9002 concerning the following auxiliary processes in the final quality of its manufactured and marketed chemicals.

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