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Parizotto Group

The Parizotto Group develops its actions based on work and determination, which surprised by the range of experience in the mentioned sectors and growth over 36 years of existence, revealing that this marks an aggregate of reliability and competence.

The twelve companies in its portfolio has as its basic premise the quality of products and services offered to various customers, which allows us to consider the modernization and efficiency as a priority in its objectives.

The course renowned solidity shows the effort and work of its leaders and more than 1,700 direct jobs.

Another important feature to highlight is the salutary contribution to the development of the region that GP provides, bringing progress and benefits to society to righteousness in the observance of law and ethics on issues such as preserving the environment. With view toward the future, GP's principle is the search for innovation and anticipation of market needs, realizing as another key to success, developing business partnerships with distributors and end customers, which adds respect and reliability to the production chain.

The Parizotto Group transpose into the market through its sober and persistent behavior, the values that have prevailed in each of their shares through their negotiations. The importance of seriousness, commitment and honesty in business.

This is the recipe. This is the result.
Strength, Security, Skill and Good Deals

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